Want a little extra luxe in your life for free? With GET LUXE, you can get just that! Each of our strictly limited holiday packages feature a range of exclusive luxury extras designed to completely transform your holiday! We call these LUXE UPS. Whether you’re wanting to treat yourself to an extra special room or a little holiday indulgence, you can do it with our LUXE UPS without paying a cent more!

What kind of LUXE UPS can I get?

Explore the world in ultimate style. Enjoy things like room upgrades, spa treatments, meals, cocktails, transfers and more! We choose each item by working closely with our resort partners and suppliers on the ground. We also do extensive research to find out what it is that you want!

How many can I have?

The number of LUXE UPS included in each package depends on what our team thinks it needs. We want you to have the most luxe time possible so we’ve taken the time to try all of our holiday offers out first. Our hands-on approach provides invaluable insight. We know exactly when and what to add to each GET LUXE deal.

We’re confident that our picks won’t disappoint. All offers include over 2 LUXE UPS (with most featuring upwards of 4!). By offering variety, we can cater for every taste and travel style—we can get you unwinding and exploring at the same time!

Find out more

Finding which LUXE UPS are included in your GET LUXE offer is simple. Click the View Deal button on any of our Exclusive Offers and all the details will be there!

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